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Rival Components was stared from a passion. Not a passion to make money or to be the next big thing, but to do something we enjoy, to be a part of an amazing community. We enjoy riding! Everyone here has been involved in the motorcycle, automotive and motorsports industry for over 30 years. It's in our blood. We look forward to building a relationship with everyone who chooses to come along on this ride with us. 

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Research & Development

We design, test and build motorcycle parts for the adventure rider. Extensive engineering and testing goes into every product we manufacture.


Design & Production

Manufacturing high-quality precise-fitting motorcycle hardware is nothing new to us. We’ve been designing performance parts for the high-performance automotive and powersport industry for decades, here in Southern California.


Real-World Testing

We’re adventure riders. So we have experienced the problems adventure riding can offer up. Thats why we started Rival Components, to develop products that can help you and your bike make it through your ride.


Expert Support

When things go smoothly, everyone wins. But when it doesn’t, our team is ready to lend a hand. Whether troubleshooting an install or modifying an order, we’ll get it handled quickly, so you can get on your motorcycle.




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